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What you should know before applying for a job

We want to make it easy to apply for a job with the council, so this page tells you everything you need to know.

We know applying for jobs can be time consuming, repetitive and sometimes frustrating therefore we strive to make the application process for jobs with us simple and straightforward. We have an online application process which we encourage all applicants to use for our vacancies, key benefits for you including:

  • The majority of information pre-populates automatically if you complete further applications
  • You can track your application and receive updates about how things are progressing in your applicant centre.

If you have not applied online before, you will need to follow the instructions on the search and apply page to create an account. Please note you will need to register your account by using an email.

We accept only application forms, not CVs. This is to ensure that applications are shortlisted fairly. We give managers information from your application form.

We reserve the right to use relevant social media to validate information about you to help determine suitability for a role. This will be focussed on professional activity and will be used where relevant to the job.

If you have difficulty completing the online application, guidance notes at the beginning of the form may help. If you have difficulty answering questions on the form, contact employment support service. If you experience technical difficulties, email our web recruitment provider at

Recruitment agencies

We are committed to employing staff directly and rarely use agent services. Agent services interested in supplying a service to us should contact

The recruitment process

We recognise the recruitment process can be confusing and does vary depending on the employer. To help you, we have produced an outline of the recruitment process for our jobs.

Behaviours framework

Our behaviours framework has been developed to reflect the council's 2020 North Yorkshire values and leadership principles. Engagement with our staff and trade unions has helped to ensure that the new framework is relevant to everyday life in our services. It is an indicative tool that provides our staff with examples of how they should and should not approach their work. The framework describes six behaviours that are key to the daily work of colleagues and focuses on two key outcomes: enabling excellent customer service and driving high performance and continuous improvement.

The six behaviours are:

  • Focusing on customers and communities
  • Taking responsibility
  • Working together
  • Acting with integrity
  • Building a culture of continuous improvement and innovation
  • Leading by example

You can pdf icon view a copy of the behaviours framework here [179kb].

Applying for a school vacancy

If you apply for a school vacancy, the school will hold all details of the vacancy and your application. You should contact the school for further information and updates.

We do not hold a register for supply teachers. If you want to do supply work in a North Yorkshire school, contact the school in which you are interested. The school would be responsible for any appointment and would carry out any employment checks.

Details of our schools are in the education and learning section of our website.

Contact employment support service 

Telephone: 01609 532190

Employment support service
County Hall
North Yorkshire

Applying for a job - frequently asked questions

This page was last updated on 8 June 2016