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Licence - animal movement

This page explains about animal movements and gives details of any animal movement restrictions that are in force.

Sheep and goats

All sheep and goat movements must be accompanied by a completed animal movement licence.

The white copy must be sent to the local authority for the destination premises within three days of the movement taking place. This is the responsibility of the recipient of the animals. For destination premises in North Yorkshire you must send the white copy to:

Animal Health and Welfare
North Yorkshire County Council
Trading standards and planning services
Unit 4/5
Thornfield Business Park
Standard Way
North Yorkshire

The pink copy must be retained by the destination premises, the blue copy must be retained by the haulier and the yellow copy must be retained by the departure premises.


All pig movements must be recorded through the British Pig Executive. The departure premises must notify them in advance and the movement must be acknowledged by the receiving premises. This can be done electronically here. Alternatively, telephone 0844 335 8400.


The British Cattle Movement Service must be notified of all cattle movements electronically or by post within three days of the movement taking place. Cattle must be accompanied by their passport.

Cattle must be inspected for signs of foot and mouth disease before they are moved. If any evidence of it is found it must be notified without delay to the divisional veterinary manager of the local DEFRA Animal Health Divisional Office. If evidence of disease is found, the general licence will be invalidated and no animals kept on the premises of departure can be moved.

This page was last updated on 27 September 2013