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Citizenship ceremonies

All new citizens must attend a citizenship ceremony within 90 days of being invited to attend.

The ceremonies, led by a registrar, usually take place in one of our register offices. The council chairman will usually make a short welcoming speech before citizens swear or affirm an oath and pledge of allegiance.

There is no charge for the citizenship ceremony if you take part in a group ceremony at a registration office; the fee that you pay to the Home Office includes the cost. If you wish to have a private citizenship ceremony, you must contact the office where you would like to have the event, and there is an additional cost, which is the same as the fee for a marriage or civil partnership ceremony. For more details, see our registration service fees.

Preparing for the ceremony

You will be asked to decide on the options for your ceremony. You will also be asked if you wish to bring guests. Room sizes differ, so we would be grateful if guests could be kept to a minimum. If you wish, bring a holy book of your choice. There is time at the end of the ceremony for you to take photographs.

The day of the ceremony

On the day of the ceremony, bring the letter of invitation from the Home Office. Without this, we will be unable to go ahead. The ceremony takes about 30 minutes. Please arrive at least half an hour before the ceremony, as we will have a short interview with all new citizens before the ceremony starts. You have a choice of either swearing an oath or affirming your allegiance. You will also be asked to make a pledge of commitment. All new citizens will be called forward at the end to receive their citizenship certificates, information pack and a small gift from us, which is normally a leather passport holder.

Citizenship ceremonies - frequently asked questions

This page was last updated on 6 September 2013