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Adult carers

Do you help look after a relative, neighbour or friend? Perhaps you look after your husband, wife, partner, a parent, or child if they are sick or disabled? You may not be the only person who helps to care, but if you offer necessary help, and are not employed to provide care, then you are a carer.

You may be caring in a home, or in the home of the person you care for; the person may be a disabled child, an adult or an older person. Some carers help for just a few hours a week, other offer support every day. Some may live with the person they care for, but others may be at a distance.

We work together with carers organisations across the county to offer information, advice and other services to support you as a carer.

Our customer services centre staff will help you decide what you may need and who to contact. They can put you in touch with a carers centre, other helpful organisations or our social care staff.

Support for you as a carer

We can provide support, including:

  • carer assessment to help you think about what is important to you;
  • Access to the North Yorkshire carers' forum so that you can have your views heard;
  • An explanation of your rights as a carer;
  • A personal budget in the form of a carer's support grant;
  • Advice with looking after your health as a carer;
  • Help for carers who need support to continue working and caring from our supported employment service; the service can also provide support with accessing training and employment;
  • The carer's emergency card which will identify you as a carer if you have an accident or are unable to identify yourself, so that the person you care for will receive emergency support; and
  • Information about respite care, that can give carers of adults a break from caring.

Support from other organisations

There are many organisations in North Yorkshire which support carers, including carers' centre and carers' resources, which give practical and emotional support. For more details, see the carers' centres in North Yorkshire page.

Adult carers - frequently asked questions

This page was last updated on 27 March 2015