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Advocacy for carers

As a carer, you may receive support from social care services or other agencies.

Sometimes, you may need help in dealing with these organisations when issues arise. This is where support from an advocate can prove invaluable. Some of the options available to you are:

Your care co-ordinator as an advocate

If you have a person from social care services or a health team as your care co-ordinator, he or she will liaise on your behalf with other agencies to ensure you receive the most appropriate care. Anything you discuss with them will be treated in confidence. The advocate will work with you until the issue is resolved.

Independent advocate services for adults

If you are an adult and need an independent advocate to help you through a difficult time, or you feel you are not getting the services or help you need, there are advocacy services which may be able to help. Confidential, free and independent, the services are provided by trained advocates. View more information about the independent advocate services here.

This page was last updated on 9 September 2013