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Respite care for adults

Respite care offers carers a break from caring. We aim to provide a range of services.

Respite care can be:

  • Care in a residential home for a week or so, or overnight, so that the carer can have a holiday or long rest;
  • Care by a trained person for a few hours at home to allow the carer to go out;
  • Care at a day centre or residential home for the day, to give the carer a break for a day or more a week;
  • An informal sitting service to enable the carer to go out; or
  • Care in a family setting, usually for people with a learning disability.

Respite care from social care services or carers' centres

Respite care is available to those eligible through social care services. To access this, you and the person you care for will need to have a carer assessment. The amount of respite available will depend on your assessment, but resources are limited. Some voluntary sector organisations provide sitting services, which can give you a welcome break. Your local carers' centre will provide more information.


You may be charged for respite services but this will depend on the support provided and, where relevant, a financial assessment. See the respite charge page for more information.

Respite breaks and holidays

You may want to pay for a longer break away for yourself and the person you care for. See the links on the right for information on accessible holidays. Grants may be available through charities. Your carers' centre will have more information.

This page was last updated on 22 July 2014