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The council plan

The 2020 North Yorkshire council plan details how we intend to adapt to meet the challenges up until 2020. It sets out our vision and values and describes a three pronged approach - to provide leadership, enable individuals, families and communities to do the best for themselves, and to ensure the delivery of our own high quality services.

The plan identifies 11 key ambitions for 2020:

Children and young people

  • Children and young people have a great education in schools that are good or outstanding and that they go on to make good career choices and access relevant skills or higher education programmes.
  • Children and young people live safely and happily with their natural or extended family, and where that is not possible, they grow up in stable and secure arrangements and are well supported to leave the care system.
  • Children and young people lead healthy lives, no matter what their age or where they live.

Health and wellbeing

  • People in North Yorkshire live longer, healthier, independent lives.
  • Support is centred on the needs of people and their carers, enabling them to take control of their health and independence - we want people to have more choice and control over the support to meet their social care needs.
  • Good public health services and social care are available across our different communities.
  • Vulnerable people are safe, with individuals, organisations and communities all playing a part in preventing, identifying and reporting neglect or abuse.


  • North Yorkshire is a place with a strong economy and a commitment to sustainable growth that enables our citizens to fulfil their ambitions and aspirations.
  • Critical to achieving this ambition is delivering the right housing and transport infrastructure, alongside high speed broadband and mobile phone connectivity, whilst protecting the outstanding environment and heritage.

Modern council

  • We will be a modern council which puts our customers at the heart of what we do.
  • We will increase efficiency and productivity and reduce our carbon footprint by modernising the way we work so that we use technology smartly and reduce our office space requirements.

The plan describes how the council needs to continue to change over the next few years, details some of our achievements in the last year and sets out our priorities for action for the next year. It also details where our funding comes from and what it is spent on.

View the council plan

pdf icon You can view the latest version of the council plan here [3Mb]. We update the plan each year.

It is also available in alternative formats:

An pdf icon equality impact assessment [385kb] of the plan has also been carried out.

We are also required to give 28 days notice of key decisions due to be taken. We therefore publish a forward plan of key decisions at least once a month.

In addition to the council plan, we also publish detailed strategies, plans and policies.

This page was last updated on 26 August 2016