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Disabled people - specialist equipment, home adaptations and aids

We can provide access to equipment to help people overcome everyday difficulties caused by their disability or illness.

Specialist equipment

People with a visual difficulty should visit the visual impairment page. You should contact us if you want to register yourself as having a visual impairment. Staff will check if you are eligible, contact your GP for information and send you a registration card.

Some equipment can be provided on long-term loan and some can be provided free of charge. Support can also be provided in buying equipment of your choice. Contact us for more information. We will put you in touch with your specialist social worker who will provide an assessment of your needs. See more about needs assessments here.

Home adaptations and aids

If you have difficulties managing in your home, it may be possible to alter or adapt your property. We offer services and support to help you to live independently. An occupational therapist or someone from social care services can visit your home to discuss your needs. The therapist can also give you information about the disabled facilities grant scheme if you live in a private property, and can discuss your needs with the district or borough council if you live in a council property. Contact us for more information.

Frequently asked questions - disabled people - specialist equipment, home adaptations and aids

This page was last updated on 27 November 2013