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Roads - maintenance

We have a duty to manage and co-ordinate all works programmes that affect the highway, such as the work of utility companies and property developers.

Highway is the term used in law, it includes:

  • carriageway (roads)
  • footways (pavements)
  • cycleways (cycle lanes and paths)

We currently spend £55 million on road maintenance each year. This sounds like a lot of money, but when it is distributed throughout the network, and with all the different types of work we do, the budget is always stretched so we cannot always do all the work you would wish.

Types of maintenance

We undertake maintenance work to ensure that the highway is safe and keeps people and goods moving. There are numerous types of maintenance works undertaken, from resurfacing, repainting road markings and lighting and bridge repairs, to gritting in winter.

Boundary walls and fences are the responsibility of the landowner. However, if you have a concern regarding a wall or fence that is in a state of disrepair and encroaching on the highway, or is causing a safety hazard, you should report it to us. We maintain and repair:

  • Walls supporting the structure of the highway - these are called highway retaining walls;
  • Walls retaining land that has been excavated in cutting to form a highway parapet wall on bridges; and
  • Walls providing a safety barrier.

We also manage the condition of the highway and carry out routine inspections and surveys in line with the pdf icon highway maintenance plan [342kb] which defines our policies and maintenance methods. When carrying out works, to ensure the safety of site staff and road users, pdf icon our contractors refer to and follow our road safety audit protocol [88kb]

Report a road maintenance issue online

If the issue is causing an immediate danger to the safety of road users, it is classed as an emergency. You should contact us by telephone to report an emergency rather than using our online forms. Our opening hours are Monday to Friday 8am - 5.30pm. Dial 999 outside office hours for our emergency service.

Use one of our designated online forms to report a non-emergency issue with:

We have a generic online form that you can use to tell us about the following less common road maintenance issues: 

  • Boundaries, fences and walls;
  • Bridges and structures;
  • Concern about roadworks;
  • Faded road markings;
  • Kerbs;
  • Obstructions and deposits on the highway;
  • Pedestrian crossings;
  • Road closures and disruptions;
  • Road safety and speed issues;
  • Signs including illuminated signs;
  • Street furniture;
  • Surfacing works;
  • Traffic signals;
  • Unauthorised activity;
  • Winter maintenance.

You can tell us about an issue relating to any of the above by registering / logging in to the 'my account' section. 'My account' also allows you to view details of services you have previously applied, booked and paid for. You can also see updates on their progress.

If you prefer, you can tell us about a highway issue anonymously, but please be aware that you will miss out on the benefits of having an account ie. you will not receive progress updates.

You can provide feedback about your experience of reporting a highway issue here.

Roads - maintenance - frequently asked questions

This page was last updated on 13 October 2016