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Special educational needs and disabilities (SEND) - transport

Children and young people with special educational needs may get help with transport to school or college. Blue badges for parking are also available.

A door-to-door service is provided only in specific circumstances. Children may have to travel to their nearest pick up point.

In general terms, if your child is attending his or her "normal" school - the school allocated by the local authority - we will provide free home-to-school transport for pupils up to the age of eight who live more than two miles away, and for pupils aged eight and above who live more than three miles away. If the route to school is unsafe to walk, accompanied as necessary, we will provide suitable transport.

In the case of pupils with a statement, the "normal" school will be the one we think best meets a child's needs, which may be the local school or a special school. We will provide transport to a special school if we agree that the school is the nearest one that best meets your child's needs and it is over the statutory walking distance. If you prefer your child to go to a different special school, you will normally be responsible for transport arrangements and costs.

The arrangements are reviewed usually every two years. Sometimes, contracts do change more regularly or at very short notice due to reasons beyond our control and this may mean a change of operator. We will notify you of these changes, giving as much notice as possible.

Independent travel training scheme

Pupils in full time education who have special educational needs could receive independent travel training as part of their individual education plan. Our aim is for children and young people to become independent travellers. Training will include road safety, landmark recognition, decision making and awareness of other road users. The next stage would be learning to use public transport independently, including route planning, handling money, using timetables and being a considerate traveller. A key skill will be how to problem solve should things go wrong. There will be a continual assessment of the individual and the programme will be adjusted if necessary.

Referrals for the scheme can be made by special educational needs officers or the client transport officer, or may be made following a meeting at school, a meeting with parents or following a transport appeal. For further information please contact

Post 19 Transport


The local authority will provide transport assistance for young people aged 19-25 provided that:

  • The young person has an Education Health and Care Plan (EHCP);
  • The provision is an essential requirement to fulfil the learning outcomes identified in their EHCP;
  • The school / college / training provider offering the course is the nearest to the student's home address;
  • The school / college / training provider is more than three miles from the student's home by the nearest available walking route;
  • The student is physically unable to walk, accompanied as necessary, if the distance is under three miles.

Transport arrangements

Students will receive transport which meets their needs, as identified by the local authority. Where possible transport will be provided on existing services (school buses, local buses or shared taxis). Individual transport will only be provided in exceptional circumstances.

Students will be expected to make their own way to the nearest transport pick-up point, accompanied as necessary. If the pick-up point is over one mile away from home, they may be offered a travel allowance to this point at a pre-determined rate decided by the local authority.

If there is no existing transport running, students will be offered an allowance at a pre-determined rate decided by the local authority.

Where a pass is allocated on a service, this can be withdrawn if there are no longer any statutory age entitled pupils travelling, which means that the service will be terminated.  An allowance will be offered instead at a pre-determined rate decided by the local authority.

Transport charges

Young people with an EHCP are exempt from the travel charge if they are eligible for assistance.  

Blue badge scheme

The blue badge scheme provides parking concessions to disabled people with mobility problems. You may be eligible if you're a parent of a child under three who has a specific medical condition that means they must always be accompanied by bulky medical equipment which is very difficult to carry, or need to be kept near a vehicle at all times to get emergency treatment when necessary. See the blue badge page for more details and how to apply.

Special educational needs - transport - frequently asked questions

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