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SEND - primary and secondary schools

It is estimated that approximately one in five children will have a learning difficulty at some stage in their school career. Many of these difficulties are temporary and can be effectively dealt with in mainstream schools and settings as high quality provision in lessons is the most important factor in helping pupils with SEND to make good progress alongside their peers.

Some children and young people, with more complex and significant difficulties, may require specialist services to support what their school does and this will be provided via our inclusive education service. Input from the inclusive education service can be used for individual children and young people but its aim is always to enhance what schools do themselves.

As part of the inclusive education service, enhanced mainstream schools can be accessed and they have specialist expertise that is school based. Such schools can support class teachers and special educational needs coordinators to meet the needs of children in mainstream schools, whilst some children can attend the enhanced mainstream school itself, usually for a set period.

Specialist support services from health, such as speech and language therapy, occupational therapy or mental health services are also available, depending on the needs of the child or young person. Specialist support can be provided through many different approaches that are personalised for the individual and, in a small number of cases, an education, health and care plan may be required. For the most complex needs special schools may be required for some children and young people.

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