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Roads - gritting - community partnerships

The community partnerships scheme offers parish and town councils and other community organisations the chance to provide a higher level of winter maintenance in their area.

The winter maintenance service is a high priority for us, but because of the size of the county and the resources available to clear snow and ice, it's not possible for us to grit all footpaths and roads during severe conditions. The community partnership does not replace what we do - it enhances it. We have successfully set up volunteer schemes with a number of community partnerships. If your partnership is interested in joining, you will need to identify volunteers who will be willing to take part in clearing snow and gritting roads and footways. Then contact us to register your interest and obtain further details on training and setting up a scheme.

How the scheme works

Community partnerships that join the scheme will have to pay for equipment and salt/grit, which can be purchased directly from us at a cost of £100 per tonne. It is delivered in October. It's important that it is stored safely and securely, reducing the potential for theft and preventing contamination of water courses. Refills may be made during the winter at the same cost. We will provide guidance on buying snow-clearing equipment during the training and briefing process. Routes to be gritted will be agreed in advance with the local highways area office. The focus is on snow clearance and not preventative salting for frost.

Check if your parish is part of the community partnership scheme by contacting your parish clerk.

Find out more about clearing snow and ice from footpaths.

Case study

We have created the following video with Riccall Community Partnership:

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This page was last updated on 23 November 2016