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Scaffolding and hoarding

A scaffold or hoarding licence is required to use scaffolding or another structure to do building or maintenance work on or over a highway.

A licence is issued for the occupation of the highway only. The safety responsibility of the scaffold lies with the scaffold company. This includes design, erection, dismantling, ties to buildings, lighting, netting and foundations.

Scaffolding or hoarding won't usually be authorised:

  • On a carriageway or back street. Each scaffold or hoarding will be erected on the footway. Only in exceptional circumstances will scaffold or hoardings be permitted in such locations.
  • On a highway that has a traffic regulation order restricting the parking of vehicles on that section of highway.

Applying for a licence

Companies who want a scaffold licence, which is valid for up to four weeks, must word icon register with us [59kb]. It is free to join the register. Registration does not give you licence to place a scaffold on the highway, it only proves to us that your company is a reputable business. To apply for a licence, you must complete an word icon application form [266kb] providing all required information and return it to your local area highways office. A decision will usually be made within three working days of receiving the application. For costs, see our pdf icon fees and charges [225kb].

If your scaffold will affect street cleaning, car parking or refuse collection - particularly in back streets - contact your district council before applying to us for a licence. Where proposed scaffold/ hoarding takes up highway space where there is an order relating to on-street parking charging, the applicant must reimburse the relevant authority for loss of income. An agreement must be obtained before a licence is issued.

Scaffolding and hoarding - frequently asked questions

This page was last updated on 16 July 2014