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Tourist signs

Tourist traffic signs are provided to guide visitors along the most appropriate route for the latter stages of their journey, especially where destinations are difficult to find.

Tourist signs on motorways and trunk roads, such as the A1(M), A19(T), A64(T) and A64(T), are the responsibility of the Highways Agency. We are responsible for tourist signs on all A, B and C class roads and most unclassified roads.

Applicants should check that their tourist destination satisfies the criteria in the following areas:

The application fee is £165 and is non-refundable. Signs are provided at your own expense, including the cost of design, installation, and the repair or replacement signs as a result of theft, vehicle damage or general wear and tear in the future.

Tourist signs will normally be provided:

  • If the road network to and from the tourist destination can safely accommodate the traffic likely to be generated;
  • At a maximum distance of three miles from tourist destination and usually only from the nearest A or B road, or from the nearest settlement; and
  • On a single sign bearing the details of both tourist destinations where there is more than one tourist destination approved for tourist signs at a junction.

Tourist signs are not normally permitted if:

  • Premises are located on, and accessible from, a main A or B road and visible to passing traffic;
  • Existing signs are sufficient to guide visitors to your premises;
  • There is private advertisement sign relating to your facility;
  • The destination is part of a larger attraction which already has tourism signs;
  • The destination approach already has the maximum number of tourist destination signs; or
  • There are unauthorised direction or advertising signs to the destination.

Tourist signs - frequently asked questions

This page was last updated on 7 July 2016