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Food production - hygiene

The safety and composition of all food is controlled by a wide range of regulations.

Compositional standards ensure that consumers get food of the nature and quality they expect and that traders are competing with each other on a level playing field. There are minimum compositional standards for foods like jam, pies and chocolates. See our guidance leaflets.

Our trading standards service inspects many of the county's food manufacturers and retailers. Inspections are usually unannounced and many samples of food are taken and submitted to the public analyst, who will test the product for safety and check its composition. 

Food premises hygiene - visit your local district or borough council for this service

Part of this service in North Yorkshire is delivered by your local district or borough council. The hygiene of food premises is dealt with by the district councils, except in the case of food hygiene on farms, which we look after. Click your approximate location on the map to be taken to your district council.


Food production - hygiene - frequently asked questions

This page was last updated on 28 August 2015