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The trading standards service

Our trading standards service provides advice for businesses and is responsible for enforcing laws covering the safety, descriptions and pricing of products and services.

The service works in the following specialist teams:

  • Farming, food and health
  • Business and consumer services
  • Investigations and safeguarding

The work of trading standards

We rely on the thousands of consumers each year who complain about traders or their products and services to us via the Citizens Advice consumer service, which provides advice for residents. This information enables us to target advice and enforcement at those who are trading unfairly or unlawfully. We also work with community groups and others to protect the interests of consumers and residents, for example by setting up "no cold calling" zones.

We are also responsible for the registration of second hand dealers and occasional sales, and the licensing of premises which store dangerous goods, like explosives, fireworks, petroleum and poisons. See the licences and permits page for more information.

Keeping up to date with trading standards

We send out updates via Facebook and @nyccts on Twitter about what trading standards are up to, new scams being targeted at consumers and businesses and updates on new consumer and business legislation.

Consumer advice

If you want to complain about a trader or product or report a scam phone call, email or letter, contact the Citizens Advice consumer service or your your local citizens advice bureau.

This page was last updated on 17 March 2015