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Scarborough disc zone parking 

The County Council is to apply for a review of a decision by the Traffic Penalty Tribunal to allow an appeal against penalty charge notices issued under the Scarborough disc zone parking scheme. On 7 December 2016, the Tribunal allowed an appeal against five penalty charge notices relating to the scheme. Following this adjudication, the County Council maintains the view that the scheme complies with the relevant legislation. The County Council, jointly with Scarborough Borough Council, intends to make further representations to the adjudicator and to apply for a review of the decision. Read further details.


On-street parking enforcement

On-street parking restrictions are enforced on our behalf by Harrogate and Scarborough Borough Councils.

Civil parking enforcement

Civil parking enforcement means that the local highway authority has the powers to enforce on-street parking restrictions. Civil parking enforcement is operational throughout North Yorkshire. 

Scarborough Borough Council enforce parking in the Hambleton, Ryedale, Richmondshire, and Scarborough areas; and Harrogate Borough Council enforce parking in the Craven, Harrogate and Selby areas.

Pay your penalty charge notice or appeal it online

Depending on who issued your penalty charge notice - which should be clearly visible on the ticket - you can select one of the buttons below to pay the fine or dispute it.

Penalty charge notice issued by Scarborough Borough Council

Penalty charge notice issued by Harrogate Borough Council



Penalty charge notice fees

There are two different levels of penalty charge notice.

A higher level contravention incurs a charge of £70 (£35 if paid within 14 days).
Examples include parking on yellow lines, parking in a disabled bay without displaying a valid disabled badge, or parking in a loading bay..

A lower level contravention incurs a charge of £50 (£25 if paid within 14 days).
Examples include parking in a pay and display zone without displaying a valid pay and display ticket, or parking in a disc zone without displaying a permit..

Challenging a penalty charge notice

You may challenge a penalty charge notice online using the buttons above. The notice will also include details of how to challenge.

pdf icon You can view the penalty charge notice appeal process here [77kb].

Reporting a parking infringement

You can report a parking infringement on a road as follows.

North Yorkshire Police retain sole responsibility for certain non-yellow line parking offences on the roads such as dangerous parking, obstruction and all moving traffic offences. You can call 101 or email

Civil parking enforcement - revenue information

pdf icon We publish revenue and information on penalty charge notices issued here [35kb].

This page was last updated on 30 January 2017