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Important information to consider

We make the decisions about admissions to North Yorkshire community and voluntary-controlled schools. This is based on the over-subscription criteria.

Admissions to voluntary-aided, foundation, trust schools and academies are controlled by their governing bodies. You can get policies for these schools from the school concerned. We do, however, coordinate admissions on their behalf and will make the offer of a place. If you want to apply to a voluntary-aided, foundation, trust school or academy, you should name it as a preference on the online or paper common application form.

It is important to note that some voluntary aided schools require parents/carers to provide additional information by completing a supplementary information form. Failure to complete and submit this form to the school will mean that you application is considered after all other applications for which a form was submitted. Where the school is oversubscribed this could mean that a place cannot be offered to your child. If you have any queries about this issue please speak directly to the relevant school.

In line with the Government's coordinated admission scheme, all applications for school places need to be made through your home authority. Local authorities will then liaise with each other regarding cross border requests to make sure places are allocated according to the relevant admissions criteria.

You can get details of the admission criteria for schools outside North Yorkshire by contacting the authority responsible for admissions to that school.

Think ahead

Places at secondary schools are based on your home address, not the primary school your child will, or may, be going to. If you list a primary school which is not your normal area school, your child may not be able to transfer to secondary school with their friends.

If you require any information concerning the normal geographical area serving a particular school, please contact the admissions team.

Please note a child will not normally be eligible for free home-to-school transport until the term in which they turn five.

If you list a school which is not your normal area school, you will normally be responsible for transport arrangements and costs.

Nursery schools and nursery and pre-reception classes

Some schools run a nursery class, these are are marked by the letter 'N' in the list of primary schools. A small number of other schools admit pre-reception children from the term after their fourth birthday. These are marked by a 'P' on the list of primary schools.

Parents must be aware that attendance at a nursery or pre-reception class attached to a primary school neither guarantees nor gives priority to a place at that school. To prioritise children attending the nursery would discriminate against:

  • Younger children;
  • Children who are attending a nursery class in another school or setting; and
  • Children whose parents choose not to use any of the pre school provision available.

Parents of children who attend a pre-reception or nursery class must apply if they want their child to be given a place in the school's reception class. That application will be considered alongside all other applications. We will apply our normal admission policy and appeal arrangements.

Provision for two, three and four year olds

All three and four year olds are entitled to 15 hours per week of free Early Years Foundation Stage provision from the beginning of the school term following their third birthday until compulsory school age. This free entitlement can be taken up in maintained school nursery classes and/or private and voluntary sector Ofsted registered provision. It is your choice as to which type of provision is most appropriate for your child and most convenient for your individual circumstances.

All early years providers, whether schools, day nurseries, preschools or child-minders, have to meet Early Years Foundation Stage requirements and your child will get the same experiences whichever type of provision you choose, it is only the environment that changes.

To be eligible to offer the free entitlement, early years providers have to register with us, and we maintain a directory of providers. You can get information on all Early Years Foundation Stage providers from the North Yorkshire Families Information Service website at or by calling 01609 533483, our staff will be pleased to talk you through the options available to you.

You can access the 15 hours of free provision flexibly, within the following parameters:

  • To be taken over a minimum of two days.
  • Sessions can vary in length but the minimum length is 2½ hours.
  • The earliest a session can start is 7am and the latest it can finish is 7pm.
  • You do not have to take all the 15 hours with one early years provider but the maximum number of providers you can use is two.
  • It is also possible to 'stretch' the entitlement by taking fewer hours a week over more weeks of the year.

This flexibility is designed to enable you to plan provision that best suits you and your child. You cannot assume that all the Early Years Foundation Stage providers in your area will be able to meet your requirements, but you can expect as a minimum to be able to access provision either as five sessions of three hours (five mornings or afternoons or a combination of mornings and afternoons) or as three sessions of five hours, although not necessarily at every setting.

Once you have chosen the provision you wish to use you will be asked to sign a parental agreement that specifies exactly when your child will attend. This agreement will remain in force for at least a school term and possibly for the whole school year.

Applications for a place at a nursery school or a school with a nursery class should be made directly to the head teacher.

Priority for admission to community and voluntary-controlled nursery schools and classes are set out on our admissions policy page.

Provision for two year olds

From September 2013 certain groups of two year olds are eligible for 15 hours of provision in exactly the same way as three and four year olds. To be eligible the family must be receiving at least one of the income support; income based job seeker's allowance; child tax credit with income less than £16,190 and not receiving working tax credit; support under part VI of the Immigration and Asylum Act 1999; guarantee element of state pension credit.

Eligibility checks are undertaken by the Families Information Service, to whom applications must be made. You can contact them on 01609 533483 or email

In addition all children who are currently or have been previously looked after are also eligible. This includes those who have left care through adoption orders, residence orders or special guardianship orders.

Infant class sizes

Infant classes (Key Stage 1 - Reception Year 1 and Year 2) must not contain more than 30 pupils with a single school teacher. Additional children may be admitted under limited exceptional circumstances. We will need to take account of this when we offer places in reception and other infant classes.

This page was last updated on 28 October 2015