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Is the historic environment record online?

Yes, our monument records can be viewed online via the heritage gateway website.

View the historic environment record online at heritage gateway.

These records are a copy of our main database, so they may not be as up to date as the version we use in the office. We aim to update the data on the heritage gateway on a regular basis, approximately every six months, so do keep revisiting the website.

For development management purposes, we would advise that up to date data is requested from us using our word icon Historic environment record - commercial data request form [99kb].  Please note that in addition to digital historic environment record data, we also have a large collection of hard copy material which may not be indexed in our database, access to which may be arranged via appointment at our offices by contacting the historic environment team.

For general research enquiries, data may be requested from the historic environment record using the word icon Historic environment record - non-commercial enquiry form [994kb].

There are other existing online resources about archaeology which are listed in the pdf icon historic environment record user guide [95kb], although these should not be seen as a substitute for consulting the historic environment record.

This page was last updated on 28 March 2014