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Where can I view dates and times of upcoming coroners inquests?

Details of upcoming coroners inquests in the North Yorkshire East and West areas can be found below.

North Yorkshire East (Coroner - Mr M D Oakley)

Date, location and timeInquestFurther details
Thursday 9 July
at Scarborough Town Hall, St Nicholas Street, Scarborough
commencing at 2.30pm
Beryl FOSTERDied age 71 on 14/01/15 at Scarborough Hospital
Friday 17 July (assistant coroner Richard Watson)
Scarborough Town Hall, St Nicholas Street, Scarborough
commencing at 10.30am
Eliza Ann BARNETTDied age 90 on 07/03/15 at home address
Thursday 30 July (assistant coroner John Broadbridge)
Scarborough Town Hall, St Nicholas Street, Scarborough
commencing at 1pm
Andrew Charles HEWITTDied age 61 on 31/03/15 at North Marine Drive, Scarborough
Evelyn HANSONDied age 86 on 31/03/15 at Scarborough Hospital

North Yorkshire West (Coroner - Mr R D Turnbull)

Date, location and timeInquestFurther details
Tuesday 30 June
at Skipton Magistrates Court
commencing at 10.30am
Catherine Jennifer RAWDied age 72 on 13/12/14 at Sutton in Craven
Wayne Stuart REESDied age 46 on 09/03/15 at Skipton
Beryl FOXDied age 78 on 18/05/15 at Draughton
Wednesday 15 July
at Harrogate Magistrates Court
commencing at 10.30am
Davinia Christina BLAKELEYDied age 39 on 27/11/14 at Harrogate
Rachel Collette LINDLEYDied age 53 on 26/03/15 at Harrogate Hospital
Wendy Jane BERRYDied age 43 on 01/03/15 at Leeds General Infirmary
Paul Richard WHITEHEADDied age 44 on 28/11/14 at Knaresborough
Wednesday 22 July
at Harrogate Register Office
commencing at 10.30am
Mary Elizabeth TODDDied age 101 on 18/06/15 at Ripon

Please note that any timings given for individual inquests are approximate.

Conclusion of inquests

Following the conclusion of the inquest on Tuesday 1 October 2013, into the deaths of Arthur Coakley and Neil Stuart Warrior, the pdf icon transcript of verdict [7kb] has been made available. This inquest related to the deaths of two victims from the Air France AF 447 disaster which occurred on 1 June 2009 and may be of sufficient interest to many other families globally.

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