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Where are motorhomes allowed to park?

There are certain restrictions for motorhomes parking in North Yorkshire. These can be found below. It is important to always check the local signs before parking in an area.

Park and ride areas

Motorhomes are allowed to park at the Scarborough park and ride sites, but not overnight. Caravans are not permitted.

Other parking areas

Motorhomes are not permitted to park between the hours of 11pm and 7am each day on the following streets:

  • North Promenade, Whitby
  • East Terrace, Whitby
  • Royal Crescent, Whitby
  • Links View/Love Lane, Whitby
  • Sandside, Scarborough
  • Foreshore Road, Scarborough
  • Esplanade, Scarborough
  • The Beach Road, Filey
  • The Crescent, Filey 
  • A174 Sandsend, "The Parade"

The restricted times do allow the vehicles to park during the day.

Any other unrestricted road remains available for motorhome parking. It is important to always check the local signs and road markings before parking in an area. There are also many privately owned caravan camping sites along the coast line which welcome guests.

This page was last updated on 8 September 2015