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Autism strategy consultation

We want to know what you think about our autism strategy, so that we can improve services for people with autism in North Yorkshire.

The draft strategy shows how we are meeting the needs of adults with autism in North Yorkshire and what we plan for the future. It has been produced in response to strong messages nationally and locally that there is a need for local services to meet the needs of young people and adults with autism.

The national strategy for adults with autism in  England, 'Fulfilling and Rewarding Lives' (2010), gave the NHS, local authorities and other partners statutory duties around improving the lives of those living with autism. The national autism strategy set out a clear directive for change to ensure that those with autism are included in society and supported to lead full and rewarding lives.

It is essential to ensure that work continues to raise awareness of autism and improve services for adults with autism in North Yorkshire. Our draft strategy responds to the requirements of the national strategy and describes the ongoing and planned future work to develop local services for adults with autism.

Please read through the strategy and let us know what you think using the online form below.

Autism strategy documents

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Please note - this consultation has now closed.

This page was last updated on 2 April 2014