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Please note - this consultation has now closed.


Redesign of sexual health services consultation

Commissioning sexual health services became our responsibility on 1 April 2013. This provides us with an opportunity to reshape and improve sexual health services for people in North Yorkshire and York.

North Yorkshire County Council and City of York Council asked people for their views on their proposed sexual health commissioning model, to ensure the sexual health services that they will be jointly commissioning are effective, high quality and meet the needs of local residents.

Development of the model has also been informed by an extensive engagement exercise with the organisations that currently provide these services; people accessing these services (young people and adults); and people who have not yet used sexual health services.

An explanation of sexual health services

Taking care of your sexual health means more than being free from sexually transmitted infections (STIs), or not having to face an unplanned pregnancy as a result of ineffective contraception, or no contraception at all. It means taking care of your own health, your partner's health and decisions about relationships.

Sexual health services in North Yorkshire and York are available to everyone regardless of age, sex, gender, ethnic origin and sexual orientation. In North Yorkshire and York sexual health services and advice are offered in a range of settings including:

  • Genito-urinary medicine services;
  • Contraception clinics (also known as family planning);
  • Community outreach sexual health services for young people;
  • Web-based service for chlamydia tests;
  • HIV treatment and support services for people living with HIV;
  • GP practices;
  • Pharmacies;
  • Termination of pregnancy services; and
  • Sexual assault centres.

As part of the consultation people were asked to respond to the documents below, either by completing an online survey or sending feedback by email. Two consultation events were also held in Northallerton and York for people to find out information about the proposed new model and ask questions.

Sexual health services consultation documents

Further information about the consultation can be found in the pdf icon consultation report [496kb]

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Please note - this consultation has now closed.

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