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Please note - this consultation has now closed.


Consultation for the draft North Yorkshire and City of York domestic abuse strategy

We have developed a draft domestic abuse strategy for North Yorkshire and York to outline our commitment to supporting all those affected by domestic abuse. The strategy covers 2014 to 2018.

Partners in North Yorkshire and the City of York are committed to improving the safety and outcomes for adults and children who are victims or witnesses of domestic abuse, through co-ordinated services which are sufficiently flexible to meet individual needs and encourage empowerment and self-determination.

The proposed objectives of this strategy are:

  • To provide services committed to early intervention and prevention of domestic abuse for adults, children and young people;
  • To support children and young people who are affected by domestic abuse;
  • To improve the safety of victims who experience domestic abuse and support them in rebuilding their lives;
  • To provide interventions for perpetrators to reduce offending; and
  • To deliver equitable, coordinated and consistent services with committed funding through effective partnership working.

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Please note - this consultation closed on 30 May 2014.

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