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Who maintains the street lights?

We are responsible for maintaining the majority of street and footway lights in North Yorkshire (identifiable by a number painted in black on a yellow background on the lamp post).

The Highways Agency is responsible for street lights on motorways and trunk roads. On new housing developments, the developer is responsible.

The street lights that we do not own belong to borough, district or parish councils and are not maintained by us.

Unfortunately we do not have details of the owner / maintainer of each street light that we do not own. Please contact the corresponding borough, district or parish council to report a problem with one of the street lights that we do not own.

Parish councils

If you are a parish council, please call the customer services centre and someone will be able to assist you with reporting issues with a streetlight.

Parish council contact details

View contact details for each Parish council.

This page was last updated on 18 April 2016