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Please note - this consultation closed on 25 January 2016.


Winter health strategy consultation

A consultation on the draft winter health strategy 2015-20.

The seasonal winter health strategic partnership for North Yorkshire was established in February 2015 and reports to the North Yorkshire health and wellbeing delivery board. The partnership began developing the strategy based on the joint strategic winter health needs assessment which identified adverse health risks associated with winter months. A multi-agency winter health partnership event was held on 3 June 2015, which brought partners across North Yorkshire together to discuss these health risks, the evidence for change and potential ways of mitigating the risks. The feedback from this event has helped to develop the overarching vision, strategic objectives, the four key priorities and the supporting outcomes of the draft winter health strategy.

The strategy was approved by the health and wellbeing board in November 2015, and we are now in a 12 week consultation period.

Consultation documents

Give us your views

We would like to hear your views on the following questions:

  • Is there anything that could be improved in the strategy, or anything that we missed?
  • Are you able to support the priorities or themes in the strategy?
  • How could you be involved in the implementation of the strategy?

Deadline for comments

The consultation period will end on 25 January 2016 - please make sure that you send us your feedback before then. Thank you.

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