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This page explains the different ways the local offer web pages can be displayed using the browsealoud software. It also provides accessibility information and guides to help you read the site better.

The browsealoud software can be accessed using the browsealoud icon located at the top right of the page:

Browsealoud icon

Clicking on this icon will show the options available for displaying the page content:

Browsealoud icons

These icons do the following:

Help icon Help
Shows a simple help page that explains what the browsealoud toolbar does.
Settings icon Settings
Use this icon to customise options to suit your individual needs or preferences.
Simplify icon Simplify
Removes clutter from the screen, displaying only the main text (currently not enabled on our website).
Text magnifier icon Text magnifier
Enlarges text and reads it out loud. The size of the text can be changed using the settings icon.
Screen mask icon Screen mask
Blocks distractions on screen with a tinted mask.
MP3 maker icon MP3 maker
Converts selected text into an MP3 file. You will be prompted to name the MP3 file. You can then open it immediately or save it to a location on your device.
Translate page icon Translate page
Provides written and spoken translations in multiple languages.
Speak current selection icon Speak current selection
Starts reading selected text or reads from the top of the page. The voice speed can be changed using the settings icon.
Hover to speak mode icon Hover to speak mode
Starts reading the page out loud - this feature is switched on by default. The voice speed can be changed using the settings icon.
Close icon Close
Closes the browsealoud toolbar and stops all browsealoud actions.


We have tried to design our website, and the local offer section in particular, to be as accessible and usable as possible for everyone.

Compatibility with tools

Our website should be compatible with recent versions of the following screen readers:

  • Jaws
  • ZoomText
  • NVDA
  • VoiceOver
  • Window Eyes
  • Supernova screen readers
  • MAGic

The site should also be compatible with:

  • Basic operating system screen magnifiers;
  • Speech recognition software, e.g. Dragon Naturally Speaking; and
  • Operating system speech packages.

External guidance

The BBC website has excellent guides for:

Contact us

Please contact us if you are having difficulty using the browsealoud toolbar. We can also provide printed documents in different languages and formats, such as easy read.


This page was last updated on 23 August 2016