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How we process your primary school in-year transfer request

Information for parents about how we process your primary school in-year transfer request.

  1. We receive your in-year application form requesting your child transfer schools.
  2. The details of your transfer request are logged to enable us to track the progress of your transfer request.
  3. We will contact your first preference school to determine if there are places available in the appropriate year group or groups.
  4. If places are available we will allocate a school place to your child.
  5. We will confirm the allocation with you in writing or via email. Both the school your child was attending and the newly allocated school will be notified. The school your child is leaving must complete a key information form and forward it to the new school before the admission arrangements can be finalised and a start date agreed. The purpose of this form is to ensure that the new school has all of the relevant information required to ensure your child's smooth transition into school.
  6. On receipt of the key information form, your child's new school will contact you to finalise the admission arrangements and discuss any issues regarding your child's education. In the meantime your child must continue to attend their current school.
  7. If there are no places available at your first preference school, we will approach your second / third preference school[s] to identify whether a place is available there. When we are unable to offer a higher preference you have the right to an admissions appeal. Your admission appeal will be held within 30 school days of the receipt of your appeal form.
  8. Before completing an in-year application form you should discuss the reasons for the change of school with your child's current head teacher. The head teacher will be required to provide key information to the new school.

Please note your child will only be admitted to their new school at the beginning of each half-term.

Where a family moves into North Yorkshire or you move address within the area and it is not practical for your child to remain at their current school then an alternative start date may be agreed.

This page was last updated on 28 September 2016