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Council tax consultation

Last year the Government indicated that it would offer a Council Tax Freeze Grant for next year but this amounts to just 1%. The Council has been planning for an increase of 1.9%. Council tax represents 63% of the council's net budget and accepting the Freeze Grant would result in having to find a further £2.3m of savings.

Background information

The council is on track to save £94m over the four years ending March 2015, but anticipates having to save an additional £73m over the next four years. This represents a cut in the Council's spending power of 34% over the eight years.

Frontline services have been protected as much as possible, with 60% of savings to date coming from non-frontline budgets. Some services have been affected, such as libraries, bus services, transport to schools and some smaller services such as youth, music and public rights of way.

The council has seen demand for its services over the same period rise significantly, with a 75% increase in child protection cases, a 34% increase in the number of contacts with health and adult services since 2006, and reports of potholes increasing by 25% since 2011.

As a county, North Yorkshire continues to pose challenges in terms of the ageing population and the rural nature of the county, both of which increase the cost of delivering essential services.

The council's workforce is significantly smaller with manager posts reducing by 20% and support and back office staff reducing by 24%. Savings have already been made through changing staff terms and conditions and pay freezes.

The council is continuing to innovate and improve how it delivers its services, with initiatives such as extra care facilities for older people, family intervention and changes to the way highway improvements are made. It is also continuing to reduce the costs of non-frontline budgets.

However, the scale of the savings the council still has to make means that further difficult decisions need to be taken and services for residents will be affected; the council will be a third smaller (in terms of spending power) once all the budget reductions have been made.          

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Please note - this consultation closed on 5 January 2015.

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