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This consultation has now closed.


Motor caravan consultation

We are consulting on proposals to prohibit the parking of motor caravans in seaside streets in the Scarborough Borough area permanently between the hours of 11pm and 7am and would like you to give us your views.

Previous consultation proposals

A consultation on the same subject took place last year and we received a large response from both local residents and the motor caravan community.

However, we received comments suggesting that the statement of reasons given, which is the fundamental basis for the proposed order, was not detailed enough to allow those affected to give a definitive response.

As a result, we are now re-opening the consultation with a pdf icon more detailed statement [38kb]‚Äč, to allow a better informed response.

Why the changes are being made

Due to the growth of the motor caravan industry in recent years, we are receiving increasing reports from residents and local councillors that on-street parking places in popular seaside streets are being regularly used by motor caravans for camping in the highway.

These vehicles have been observed regularly to park without moving, sometimes for upwards of a week, attracted by the view offered and nearby facilities.

In isolation, this does not cause a serious problem. However, motor caravans may leave after a time only to be replaced by another vehicle with similar intent, giving no respite to local residents of heavily affected seaside streets and detracting from local beauty spots. The long-term and overnight parking of motor caravans in these locations also has an effect on the amenities of the areas through which the roads run. Further details can be read in the pdf icon statement of reasons [38kb].

Areas and streets affected

The following streets have been subject to a temporary order for the past two years, and the new order seeks to make the current arrangements permanent. You can view plans demonstrating the locations and extent of the proposals below.






Further background information

We have compiled a range of background information which you can download and access below.

Give us your views

This consultation closed on 7 April 2015, but the information being consulted on remains here for information purposes. 

This page was last updated on 10 September 2015