Information about the 95 Alive scheme and how you can get involved.

We took the lead in the 95 Alive road safety partnership - a group of local authorities, emergency services and other agencies that worked together throughout the county to reduce the number of people killed and injured on the roads.

Formed in 2004, the campaign aimed to save 95 lives between 2005 and the end of 2010. The campaign officially ended on 31 March 2011, by which time 126 lives had been saved. Its success means the partnership has decided to continue working together, with the aim of continuing to reduce casualties and collisions year on year. Visit the Roadwise website for more information.

How you can help

Safe driving is all about developing the right attitudes and beliefs to cope with life behind the wheel.

A newly-qualified driver should be encouraged to take a Pass Plus course. We run an Enhanced Pass Plus course, which involves extra practice and experience with a trained instructor in different conditions, including driving on a motorway, at night and in bad weather. Drivers can obtain insurance discounts from some insurance companies after taking Enhanced Pass Plus, and new drivers will receive a subsidy from us when successfully completing the full course.

We offer a scheme of cycle training for children in years five and six of primary school.

Called Bikeability, the training programme is supported by government funding until March 2014. The training is provided by professional cycling instructors employed by us. Each course lasts two days. Initially, sessions are based in the playground or other safe area. Once basic skills have been developed, lessons move onto the road. The instructors and pupils cycle together as a group, practising the skills and manoeuvres they are learning.

The children are tested on the practical skills they have learned throughout the course and on their knowledge of the Highway Code. They receive a final assessment report that details their achievements and advises parents of any particular achievements or areas that need further work. Each pupil also receives a Bikeability Badge.

We encourage walking and cycling to school, and work to assist schools in updating their school travel plans, and looking at the infrastructure around schools to ensure it meets the needs of pupils. We also encourage classroom work linked to the national curriculum and cycle and pedestrian training. More information can be found in our  sustainable school travel strategy (pdf / 35 KB).

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