Permanent repairs to the A59 at Kex Gill are currently underway.

Work is progressing on the complex task of permanent repairs to the A59 at Kex Gill.

However, the work will take longer than expected because ground conditions are more difficult than the original investigations indicated. Therefore, traffic signals that have been in place since the work began in October will remain in operation over the Christmas period.

The repairs involve drilling into the rock below the road to enable the retaining wall to be firmly fixed in place. The discovery of voids in the area behind the wall has caused delays. The repairs will be completed in the new year and will be followed by a week-long closure later in the year for resurfacing and drainage work.

Site updates and progress reports

We published an update on progress on 12 December. You can view it here.

We published an update on progress on 19 November. You can view it here.

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Work completed last week includes:

  • Site set up, traffic lights extended, site compound and office established. 
  • Scaffold platform erected to enable the drilling rig to install the ground anchors.
  • Movement monitoring targets installed on the wall face and existing road surface. 
  • Polythene spill protection fixed to scaffold platform to prevent any grout spillages from spreading onto the surrounding ground.
  • Diamond core drilling and soil nail drilling for temporary anchors to provide lateral restraint for the drilling rig. 

Work planned for week commencing 22 October includes:

  • Drilling rig to be lifted into place on the scaffold platform.
  • Commence drilling and installation of the permanent anchors. 
  • Continuous movement monitoring of the wall and road surface whilst work is underway.