Find out more about how devolution could unlock investment and empower local decision making for North Yorkshire and York.

North Yorkshire and York are at an advanced stage of making the case for devolution and all the regional powers and funding that go with it to supercharge economic development and improve quality of life for everyone.

The timing is critical as we drive post-pandemic recovery. But the government has placed a new requirement on us if we want to be successful. To secure a devolution deal we are ordered to get rid of our current two-tier local government system which sees eight councils deliver public services. We are at a critical moment for the region’s economic recovery and North Yorkshire and York need to act now to ensure we are not left behind.

You can find out more about our proposal for a single, strong, sustainable council for everyone in North Yorkshire

What is devolution?

At the moment, the government in London makes the majority of decisions about what happens here in Yorkshire. Some decisions, such as about foreign policy and defence, need to be made by central government alone.

Our proposition for devolution reflects that many others, including running and investing in our public transport, education and skills and providing support for our businesses, would deliver better outcomes, increased returns to government and would involve local people more - if they were made here in our own county, by the people who live and work in those communities.

Our vision for devolution is for North Yorkshire and York to become England’s first carbon negative economy, where people with the skills and aspiration to reach their full potential, earn higher wages and live healthy lives in thriving communities.

Our deal would see hundreds of millions of pounds invested in North Yorkshire and York to shape a better destiny and make a bigger contribution to the UK economy by:

  1. Delivering 100% digital connectivity for everyone, everywhere - vital for the long-term prosperity of our region. This means both addressing the last 5% while ensuring our towns and cities are as connected as core cities delivering a connected, smart region.
  2. Innovating in our unique capabilities in bio-economy and low carbon technologies, underpin our ambition to become England’s first carbon negative region creating new industry opportunities in higher productivity sectors.
  3. Leveraging our skills base - our greatest asset is our highly skilled workforce. Capitalising on this and retaining our young talent by creating high value jobs will drive our growth.
  4. Investing in good businesses with great leadership that prosper from our distinct assets and contribute to a carbon negative region
  5. Developing healthy, thriving places that are resilient to climate change and provide energy efficient, affordable housing for our residents.

Download our executive report on the devolution deal for North Yorkshire and York to read the full proposal.