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North Yorkshire has one of the longest road networks of any highways authority in the country.

Are you up to the challenge?

North Yorkshire is the geographical centre of the North of England, has much of the North’s strategic transport infrastructure running through it, contributes to the current economic prosperity of the North and has huge potential for future growth.

At over 9,000km in length, North Yorkshire has one of the longest road networks of any highways authority in the country. The annual maintenance budget (both capital and revenue) is approximately £60m.

With the exception of trunk roads and motorways, as the highway authority, we are responsible for all publicly maintainable roads and footways within North Yorkshire and for the management, maintenance and improvement of the highway network. The highway network consists of approximately 9,200km of road, 4,000km of footway, 47,000 streetlights, 2,000 bridges and 340 traffic signal installations including variable messages signs.

The County Council currently (2015-16) has around £23.5m per year of revenue funding available for managing and maintaining the highway network, and also spends approximately £12.2m per year on public transport services including subsidising concessionary fares for pensioners and subsidising bus and community transport services.

The shared vision for the future of our County adopted in the North Yorkshire Community Plan by all the local authorities in North Yorkshire is: We want North Yorkshire to be a thriving county which adapts to a changing world and remains a special place for everyone to live, work and visit.

We have prepared our Local Transport Plan and consulted with the Public, our Stakeholders and partner organisations. Our objectives are:

  • Economic growth - contributing to economic growth by delivering reliable and efficient transport networks and services;
  • Road safety - improving road and transport safety;
  • Access to services - improving equality of opportunity by facilitating access to services;
  • Environment and climate change - managing the adverse impact of transport on the environment; and
  • Healthier travel - promoting healthier travel opportunities.

We have listened to our customers and have gained feedback and whilst boosting the economy, safety, getting access to essential services and the impacts of transport on the environment remain important, people still consider keeping our current transport services and infrastructure in good condition is more important than providing new services and infrastructure and we have re-lligned our commitments and will now:

  • Manage the transport network and services to make the best use of what we already have;
  • Maintain transport networks and services to an appropriate and affordable standard; and
  • Improve transport networks and services to supplement what we already have.

Due to the variety and breadth at North Yorkshire County Council, the opportunities are plentiful.

Additional documents

 BES ambition for growth directorate plan (pdf / 1 MB)
Business and environmental services ambition for growth - directorate plan

 Strategic transport prospectus (pdf / 6 MB)
This document is North Yorkshire County Councils Strategic Transport Prospectus. It sets out how North Yorkshire County Council would like to work with the Government, Transport for the North and the Northern City Regions to ensure that improved transport connections allow England’s largest County to both contribute to and share in the economic benefits of The Northern Powerhouse.

 Strategic transport prospectus - executive summary (pdf / 981 KB)
Executive summary for the strategic transport prospectus for North Yorkshire

 Highways and transportation service plan 2016-17 (pdf / 451 KB)
Highways and transportation service plan.

 Highways and transportation Service - staff pen portraits (pdf / 177 KB)
Staff pen portraits from within the highways and transportation service.

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