In October 2018, the Budget allocated a further £420m for local highways maintenance.

This additional resource has been allocated using the highways maintenance formula meaning the County Council has received £13.74m, of which £600,000 was specifically earmarked for extra costs relating to the Tadcaster Bridge repair. 

This additional capital funding is for the repair of roads (including potholes), bridges and local highways infrastructure generally.

This welcome extra funding was required to be spent in 2018/19 creating a tight window during the winter months up to March 2019 in which to implement any additional works. Therefore it was proposed to defer some budgets already in the 2018/19 capital works programme in order to fund works from the extra £13.14m. These items of spend were:

  1. Installation of LED street lighting units and pre-purchase of lantern units for 2019/20 Lantern Installation Programme; and
  2. Delivery of a portion of the Local Transport Plan (LTP) grant funded schemes, which met the spending criteria set out as part of the extra funding.

In addition to this re-profiling of existing budgets it was agreed that the remaining money be spent on the following: 

  1. Purchase of materials: Pre-purchasing £1m of surface dressing chippings in 2018/19 represents a cost saving against inflation;
  2. Development of tar bound recycling facilities: In order to make tangible efficiencies that could be used to further invest in the road network, we have established two recycling depots in Towton and Dalton for use in the storage and recycling of tar bound planings;
  3. Expansion of A645 resurfacing scheme: An increase to the extents of an existing 2018/19 scheme;
  4. Acceleration of future maintenance programme schemes in relation to the UCI and Tour de Yorkshire cycle race routes; and
  5. Additional small scale pothole repair countywide.