North Yorkshire residents are being urged to be careful over Christmas to reduce the risk of a third Covid-19 spike in January.

On the 25 December, people can choose to form a Christmas bubble composed of people from no more than three households. You can by in only one Christmas bubble and cannot change your Christmas bubble. Apart from the 25 December, Christmas bubbles will no longer apply and you must follow the guidance for the tier in your area.

As outgoing Director of Public Health Dr Lincoln Sargeant leaves North Yorkshire after steering the county’s public health for eight years, he has an important message for everyone to stay safe over Christmas.

His full message can be heard in the video on this page.

Dr Sargeant said: “We at last have a very powerful tool in our battle against Coivid-19. However, it is important to remember that the full effect of that vaccine will not be apparent for another few months.

“So it is important, therefore, that we think carefully as we go into the Christmas period about the safe choices that we need to make, both to keep ourselves and our loved ones safe to ensure that we don’t pass it on inadvertently to others.

“Think carefully now about the actions you want to take, begin to talk to the households that are going to come together with yours over Christmas and plan carefully about how you can have an enjoyable and safe Christmas and avoid any increase in cases in the new year.”

Find more information, including how to get support if you need it over the Christmas period.