The 4.8km single carriageway bypass linking the A684 north of Bedale and the A684 east of Leeming Bar was opened on 11 August 2016.

The road crosses the A1(M) at approximately the mid-point of the bypass, where it connects via an interchange which was constructed as part of the A1 upgrade.

Funding for the scheme was approved in July 2014 and work commenced on site in November 2014. The first stage of the works was to carry out an archaeological investigation of a Roman Villa and a late Iron Age enclosure. The Roman Villa dates from the mid 3rd - 4th century and was found to be in better condition than expected. Further information regarding this and the Iron Age enclosure can be found at the bottom of the this page.  

Main construction works commenced in February 2015 by Wills Brothers Ltd. The bypass was opened to traffic two months early and within the £34.5m budget.

Read this  first year evaluation and monitoring report (pdf / 3 MB) for details about how the scheme is working.

Time lapse videos and a video drive through

Aerial photographs

You can view aerial photos taken during construction of the bypass below.

Archaeology information

 Archaeology details leaflet (pdf / 2 MB).

Key events

  • 11 August 2016 - opened to traffic
  • Autumn 2016 - programmed opening
  • March 2015 - public exhibition
  • July 2014 - granted full approval
  • October 2013 - planning consent (section 73 amendment)
  • August 2013 - compulsory purchase order (CPO) and side roads order (SRO) confirmed
  • May 2013 - public inquiry
  • August 2012 - planning consent
  • January 2012 - granted programme entry

Background information

You can view various supporting documents relating to the bypass below.