What our proposal would mean for you and the services you receive.

We believe our approach will allow us to simplify, strengthen and save to the benefit of everyone in the county.


  • Remove confusion over which council provides which service for you and make it quicker and easier for you to contact, and be supported by, one organisation
  • Replace complicated partnership arrangements that could deliver more for North Yorkshire
  • Deliver better and more joined up services for everyone in North Yorkshire - so services such as bin collections and recycling centres are no longer managed by separate organisations. 
  • Better supporting local business by reducing the number of separate councils, and processes, they need to work with


  • Give you more say in the decisions that impact you and where you live and work via community
    networks mapped around market towns
  • Deliver more investment in North Yorkshire that drives economic growth and prosperity
  • Give communities more power to increase the opportunities available and quality of life for everyone 
  • Increase accountability with fewer councillors and greater roles for town and parish councils and the communities they represent with 'double devolution' where we would pass greater powers to parish and town councils if they would welcome that
  • Create a single powerful voice to speak up for our county and its communities


  • Reduce duplication and waste from having multiple organisations doing the same roles and cutting the red tape between them 
  • Benefit from the purchasing power of a larger organisation, reducing costs
  • Deliver better value for money on the council tax you pay
  • Reinvesting these substantial savings back in to front line services to benefit you even more and creating a more sustainable council, strong enough to be able to meet future challenges

What other benefits would our proposal bring?

Our proposal has the added value of preserving the county’s identity, protecting our natural assets and North Yorkshire’s globally recognised brand and values. No other option can do this.

It would also safeguard the current unitary council in the City of York, avoiding major disruption to services there. A new single North Yorkshire Council would be best placed to strengthen shared service opportunities and take collaborative approaches with York to important matters like planning and economic development.