We are making junction improvements to Bond End in Knaresborough which are designed to address air quality concerns.

Bond End works are now complete

The works to improve Bond End are now complete. You can read more in our news article here.

What the works involve

The improvements involve replacing seven sets of traffic lights with two mini-roundabouts. The scheme started on Monday 10 September. Regular updates on progress can be read below.

Scheme plans

Bond End junction scheme plans drawing

Site diaries

You can read updates from each week of the works below. These show the progress of the project and address any concerns raised during the works.

Work planned for this week

  • Remove compound from Conyngham Hall car park and clean area (Monday)
  • Install ‘Keep Clear’ on High Bond 
  • Rectification of final defects

This is the final update as works are now complete.

Cars on Bond End junction

Crossing on Bond End junction

Work being done on Bond End junction

Work completed this week

  • Complete footway repairs to High St/Bond End corner
  • Relay flags along Bond End (Cycle shop side of road) to prevent water pooling during heavy rain and install tegula blocks at entrance to archway (to match those installed outside 12/14 Bond End)
  • Identification and rectification of any defects
  • Complete surfacing on High Bond End including zebra speed ramp, markings and studs (planned for Monday evening)
  • Install electrical isolation equipment to new lighting and zebra crossing columns
  • Complete white markings on belisha columns

Roundabout on Bond End junction
Worker on Bond End junction roundabout
Construction signs on Bond End junction

Work completed this week

Daytime works

  • Tactile crossing to be installed close to no 132.
  • Ducting outside no 138 to be laid.
  • Final bits of paving to be laid.
  • NPG on site to make the connections for lighting columns.
  • Lighting and signs Posts to be completed.
  • Private utility connections (WSP and PBS to monitor progress). 
  • Resurfacing around the planter area.
  • Belisha Beacons to be installed for the zebra crossings. 
  • Private utility works on High Bond End 6-8 November under day time road closure.

Night works

  • Resurfacing to Bond End A59 (6/11/18).
  • Resurfacing to Bond End A6055 (07/11/18).
  • Resurfacing to High Bond End (8/11/18 and 09/11/18).

Work done this week

  • Paving and ducting works as part of phase 4.
  • BT to install new covers.
  • Kerbs and tactile paving to be laid as part of phase 4.
  • Planing works.
  • New lining.

Planing, resurfacing and lining works will take place from 30 October 2018 through to 9 November 2018. The works will require night working between the hours of 6.30pm and 2.30am.  A road closure will be in place during these hours except when the resurfacing takes place when the road closure will be between 6.30pm and 5.00am to allow the new surface to cure.

In addition to this, Northern Powergrid and Northern Gas will be carrying out private utility works to a property on High Bond End which will require a complete road closure between 6 November 6 and 9 November, although we are hopeful the works can be carried out in two rather than three days. The council were only made aware of these works in early October. However, it is essential that our contractor accommodates the utility companies during their programme to ensure reinstatement works take place before the final resurfacing of the junction.

Work done this week:

  • Ducting works completed.
  • Laying of all the York Stone flags (Phase 3) completed.
  • Planter filled with top soil.
  • Completion of the tactile paving (phase 3).
  • Traffic management switch over in preparation for the phase 4 works. Including a temporary mini roundabout on Bond End/High Bond End junction (near the new planter).

Pictures of the works

Roadwork signs on Bond End junction

Work signs on Bond End junction

Cars on Bond End junction

Work done this week:

  • Planter build completed.
  • Excavation of kerb line for the installation of the new speed table. 
  • Removal of stone channels close to the Hair Salon.
  • Build-up of the catch-pit outside No 12.
  • 6m of Kerbs at the West of No 12 complete. 
  • Type 1 stone and sand screening laid ready for flags to be laid at the West side of No 12.
  • Red tactile paving laid outside of No 21a.
  • Belisha Beacons installed (two by the Best Western hotel  and one across from the hair salon)
  • Signposts installed in the planter area.
  • Work ongoing on the corner of Church Lane ready for the installation of a Belisha beacon crossing point.
  • New gully connection installed outside the hairdressers. 

Pictures of the works

Planter being built on Bond End junction
Paving being laid on Bond End junction

Work done this week:

  • Works on the BT channels.
  • Phase 3 build out works between numbers 6-22 Bond End.
  • Preparation for laying of new kerbs at build out area.
  • Lighting column sleeves to be installed at various locations around the site.
  • Stone works to the planter to be undertaken.
  • Topsoil to stone planter.
  • BT works to complete works on site.
  • Temporary mini roundabout signs to install on site. 

Pictures of the works

Cones out on Bond End junction

Construction being complete on Bond End junction

Workers on Bond End junction

Work done this week:

•    Install new gully by cycle shop;
•    Completion of build out kerbing on both sides of Church Lane;
•    Install new gullies by new zebra crossing location (by Best Western Hotel); and
•    Footings for new planter (time permitting and if no issues with installing new gullies).

Pictures of the works

Road work on Bond End junction

Constuction being complete on Bond End junction

Work done this week:

  • Surfaced area where planter was removed;
  • Excavation for new drainage and connection to new gullies in planter area;
  • Tie-in of new kerbing to existing kerbing;
  • Build out area in front of cycle shop started and kerbs laid; and
  • New gully position by cycle shop excavated.

The contractor continues to monitor traffic management throughout the day with the aim of fine tuning where required to reduce localised congestion where possible.

Pictures of the works

Construction work on Bond End junction

Bond End junction work being completed

Work done this week:

  • Temporary zebra crossing installed on the High Street to replace signalised crossing. The pedestrian crossing signals were causing drivers to treat junction as a signalised rather than as a mini roundabout;
  • Existing lighting column in old planter area moved and CCTV column removed;
  • Re-routing of electricity supplies ready for new lighting;
  • Planter area sub base built up ready for laying of new carriageway surface;
  • Existing gullies / drains exposed ready for new connections in planter area; and
  • Temporary removal of some of the larger temporary traffic signs due to high winds.

Work done this week:

  • Dismantling of the planter;
  • Excavation of the kerb lines for buildout near the planter;
  • Setting out of kerb lines on site;
  • Trial holes carried out over three nights (11, 12 and 13 September); and
  • Installation of two pedestrian crossings on Friday 14 September, following requests from the public at the Best Western Hotel and High Street. Traffic signals will no longer be able to be manually controlled due to the pedestrian crossings and therefore an increase in congestion is likely.

Pictures of the works

Work being done at night on Bond End junction

Bond End junction work being completed

Background to the improvements

The work is part of a programme of schemes funded from the National Productivity Investment Fund, a £5.1million sum we have secured to improve local roads and public transport.

The junction was identified as an Air Quality Management Area in Harrogate Borough Council’s Air Quality Action Plan submitted to the Department of Environment, Food and Rural Affairs in 2013. It was an area where the annual target for nitrogen dioxide, which mostly comes from traffic pollution, had been exceeded.

One of the main actions required a review of the existing junction at Bond End and the implementation of highway improvements to address the issue of queuing traffic.

Results from a constructive public consultation in January were considered by the Bond End Steering Group, which represents the county, borough and town councils. It was agreed that additional traffic data was to be collected. Over the summer, our consultants have been working on sophisticated traffic modelling to determine which junction layout would bring the most benefits in terms of air quality and safety. Road surveys were carried out in May 2018.