Richmondshire small business grant scheme

Find out how we can help small businesses in the Richmondshire area to grow and how to apply for the Small Business Grant scheme.

The Small Business Grant scheme helps young organisations to expand and grow their business. Grants are available for new business start-ups and those businesses which are less than 36 months old with a maximum of five employees.

How to apply

Before businesses can apply for this scheme, you must have had a free one to one appointment with one of our business growth advisors. During this one hour appointment, the advisor will help you with business plans, cash flow forecasts and talk through your business ideas. To arrange this appointment contact us.

Apply for the Richmondshire Small Business Grant

Following your appointment with an advisor, you can apply for the Small Business Grant online.

Grant application deadlines
Application deadline Application decision
5pm, Thursday 31 August 2023 5pm, Friday 22 September 2023
5pm, Tuesday 31 October 2023 5pm, Friday 24 November 2023
5pm, Thursday 30 November 2023 5pm, Friday 22 December 2023

Apply for the Richmondshire Small Business Grant

Frequently asked questions

What can the grant be used for?

The grant can be used to fund the purchase of new machinery/equipment, to adapt your premises or for help with marketing costs.

Eligibility for acquiring new machinery/equipment

Funding eligibility criteria for acquiring new machinery/equipment includes: 

  • helping your business to increase production, produce a new product or deliver a new service 
  • improving efficiency within a business 

The grant cannot be used to: 

  • replace old machinery/equipment for new items that will not increase production or create new products/services 
  • buy or lease any vehicles 
  • lease any equipment/machinery 
  • buy second hand equipment/machinery

Eligibility for adapting premises

Funding eligibility criteria for adapting premises includes: 

  • an extension, adaptation or improvement to premises which leads to an increase in staff, new product or service development, or increased efficiency 

The grant cannot be used for: 

  • structural repairs 
  • works relating to utilities 
  • maintenance works 
  • statutory/regulatory works 
  • work to a premises on a short term lease 
  • any purchase, rent, legal or insurance costs in relation to your premises 

Please note that any work may need to be authorised by a landlord, building control officer or planning authority. 

Eligibility for marketing costs

Funding eligibility criteria for marketing costs includes: 

  • website development (either building a new website or including e-commerce elements) 
  • a social media campaign to target specific customers 
  • brand design including logos and a campaign 

The grant cannot be used for: 

  • hosting or search engine optimization costs 
  • licensing costs for off the shelf software 
  • advertising costs 

The maximum amount of funding that will be granted for a website will be 75% of £1,000. 

Can I apply if I received funding previously from the Richmondshire Small Business Grant scheme?

You cannot apply for more funding through this scheme if you have received funding in the last three years.

My business is four years old – can I apply?

This scheme is for businesses that are 0-36 months old. If you are an older business, contact us for details of other funding that may be available to you.

Will stock be an eligible cost that I can apply for?

No. The grant does not cover the purchase of stock which will then be sold by the business.

Do I need to provide two quotes when I apply?

Yes. This helps you and us to assess value for money and ensure that you are not spending more than you need to.

Do I need to include a business plan?

Yes. Our business growth advisor can help you with this. You can view a business plan template and cash flow forecasts on the GOV.UK website.

I want to apply for a website but I am unsure what the costs might be?

The costs of websites vary depending on the functionality that you require. As a guide, £1,000 would cover the cost of a quality website. The maximum grant that will be awarded via the Small Business Grant scheme for website development is £750.

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