Cardiovascular disease is the biggest killer of adults after cancer and is a common reason for premature death.

Cardiovascular disease, or CVD, is a general term for conditions affecting the heart or blood vessels. CVD is one of the main causes of disability and is the biggest killer of adults after cancer.

Over recent decades much has already been achieved in reducing the number of people dying from these conditions but many people still experience a reduced quality of life as a result or die prematurely.

Making positive lifestyle changes can reduce the risk of developing heart disease and related problems.

These include:

NHS Health Check

If you're aged 40-74 without a pre-existing condition, ask your GP about the NHS Health Check, a free five-yearly mid-life MOT to look for things like high blood pressure and high cholesterol.

One You - because there is only one you

Modern life makes it hard to be healthy. The good news is we can fight back. One You is here to help you get back to a healthier you. Making small changes now can improve your health right away and double your chances of staying healthy as you get older. It's never too late to start. You can find local services here.

Healthy Hearts Initiative

The aim of the Healthy Hearts initiative is to reduce the impact of heart disease and diabetes and prevent the number of heart-related illness, including heart attacks, every year across North Yorkshire. For more information you can view the Humber Coast and Vale site or the West Yorkshire and Harrogate site.

There are four main types of CVD:

  • coronary heart disease (CHD);
  • strokes and TIAS or mini-strokes;
  • peripheral arterial disease; and
  • aortic disease.

These can often largely be prevented with a healthy lifestyle.

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