Develop your interests, participate in groups, clubs or voluntary work; meet other care leavers; and have your say about how we support you.

We want you to have all the chances in life that other young adults have and throughout your time with leaving care, we will encourage you to develop your interests and get involved in positive activities. People can participate in their community or in society in different ways and some people want to participate more than others. We will do our best to find opportunities for you to participate in something that interests you or develop your interests, which you can then pursue independently.

We will:

  • provide information on groups and clubs you may wish to join;
  • inform you of schemes and competitions you can enter which are in line with your talents and interests;
  • encourage and help you to enrol on the Electoral Register so you can vote in elections;
  • set up work experience placements in business areas which interest you;
  • inform you about voluntary work that we think you may be interested in; and
  • set up opportunities with employers and organisations in line with your aspirations.

We will also advise and help you to challenge any discrimination should you ever have to face this.

Young People's Council - have your say

The YPC is a youth voice group for young people who have experienced being in care. The council meets once a month to discuss what improvements need to be made to the support you and others receive.

Find out about the Young People's Council

We also want you to participate in our service and we will provide opportunities and events throughout the year specifically for you and other North Yorkshire care leavers. During these events you will have opportunities to feed back your thoughts on the service we provide as well as opportunities to socialise with other care leavers.

You can keep up to date with what events are coming up by speaking to your leaving care case worker or finding us on Facebook.

Your religious and cultural identity

If you have religious beliefs we will respect them and work with you to create a plan which meets your religious and cultural needs. We will also celebrate your religious festivals with you, this will include ensuring you have opportunities to practice your religion and support with travel to get there if you need it.