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There has never been a better time to consider a career in care. Working in adult social care, you will make a real difference to people's lives every day.

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  • If you want to make a difference, start your career in care with us today...

There has never been a better time to consider a career in care...

Adult social care is a growing sector, offering a wide range of opportunities for progression and roles that are as diverse as the people you could support.

Working in care can be challenging, but it’s a career that offers job satisfaction, excellent work-life balance and continued training and development as well as the chance to make a difference. People who work in the sector can tell you themselves how rewarding a career in care can be.

What experience / qualifications do I need?

You do not need specific experience or qualifications to be able to start your career in care. If you are caring and compassionate and willing to get stuck in, we will have a role for you. To be a success you will be eager to learn and have the ability to deliver vital care and support to those in need. All relevant training and support will often be provided by your employer to support your development and start your career journey in care.  If you are interested, most employers offer you the opportunity to study towards social care qualifications such as level 2 or 3 Diploma in Health and Social Care once you have started in the role.

What qualities / values do I need?

For any role in care it's your values, behaviour and attitude that will set you apart. So if you are the type of person who;

  • treats others with dignity and respect
  • listens to their needs;
  • understands their emotions
  • and is warm, kind and honest

Then adult social care is the career for you.

Why should I choose a career in care?

Our aim is to make care matter, supporting people in North Yorkshire to live longer, healthier, more independent lives and you can be a key part of this.

Adult Social Care is an invaluable sector, made up of various different areas and professions. It responds to a wide range of needs – from a young adult with a learning disability who needs assistance with daily tasks to an elderly person with dementia who needs emotional support as well as personal care.

It helps people to live as independently as possible, protects people from harm in vulnerable situations and offers essential support in times of need. People are living longer and therefore demand on adult social care services is ever increasing. It’s now more important than ever that we have people like you to provide vital care services across North Yorkshire.

Sound rewarding?

What if I am only looking for temporary work?

Temporary work is of course also available, so if your current employment is taking a temporary downturn (i.e. retail, hospitality, tourism etc.), you have finished further education studies earlier than anticipated, looking for temporary employment to support you with immediate income, or just keen to do your bit to help the county then please apply immediately.

If you’re are just starting your career and not sure what you want to do, a job in care can be the gateway to a variety of careers and professions. It can help you gain the vital skills and experience you need to progress into nursing, social work, occupational therapy or medicine to name a few. 

What roles are available?

Work can take place in a variety of settings, residential care facilities (Care Homes), respite care (Day Care Centres), care in peoples own homes, and out in the community, so whether you are someone who likes to be out and about or whether you would prefer to be in one place, we have something for you!

We have roles available with North Yorkshire County Council but also with a range of private providers too!

So why not give it a go?

You might be...

  • Flexible regarding who you work for but have a specific location you need to work in - please apply to the generic locality vacancy below.
  • Interested in a specific opportunity? - then apply for the range of immediate opportunities listed.
  • Not sure - that is fine too! Please feel free to apply for a generic vacancy and we will chat through your options and preferences when we call you back.

For any of these opportunities, we will explore your preferences with you and try to find opportunities that closely match your need from those we have available.

We operate 24 / 7 and can therefore consider availability for a variety of hours and times...

We have roles available with North Yorkshire County Council but also with a range of private providers too!

Carer case study

Jackie Bradfield has been deployed from her role in North Yorkshire County Council as Housing Market Development Officer into a frontline care role at Carentan House in Selby, a residential care facility for adults aged over 65. Read her story below...

Jackie Bradfield

Jackie has been deployed from her role in North Yorkshire County Council as Housing Market Development Officer into a frontline care role at Carentan House in Selby, a residential care facility for adults aged over 65.

Whilst Jackie has significant previous experience of working in care from former roles, it's not something she had done recently. She wanted to provide her previous skills to help the sector and has found her recent return to care work "A significant part of my life that I will always remember".

Jackie joined the Carentan House team in early April. She didn't know any of the staff or residents but found her colleagues really welcoming and supportive. She was provided with lots of training, help and guidance and was always paired up with a colleague to start with, so that she could get to know the individual residents and how they like to be cared for. She said this gave her confidence and week by week she has been able to deliver some of the care tasks on her own.

Other staff members "Really appreciate the help that I am providing to them and to the residents, I feel really valued and I've made new friends. I feel like this is my new team, I am going to be really sad to leave".

Jackie provides reassurances that there is adequate supplies of PPE in North Yorkshire County Council, with training videos on how to use it properly and to maximum effect. She summarised by saying that if any other staff are nervous about being deployed to a care and support role then they should "Give it a go, it's really rewarding and colleagues are so supportive. I feel really good that I have 'done my bit' and helped, I love this job!".

"If truth be known, I would love to stay here. I am enjoying it so much!"


If this sounds like something you can help us with, please register your interest and apply straight away to discuss how you support your local community.

Applying is easy - click on the apply button for your chosen vacancy, upload your CV and answer a few simple questions, and a member of our vital social care team will be in touch...

To be assessed for the role, we will complete a telephone assessment with you. This is a two-way conversation aimed at providing you with information regarding the role, whilst we gain an understanding of your values, skills and abilities to help us determine where your skills will be most useful to us.

After you have been assessed we will need to complete some quick clearances checks, and we hope to have you deployed shortly after this.

If successful we hope to have you starting working with us within one week.

Coronavirus status: Important - please read...

The health and safety of our workforce is paramount to us.

If you are classed as vulnerable please do not apply for these emergency roles; as we need to keep you safe and in isolation. We would welcome your interest after the coronavirus threat has been removed.

If you or a household member has had coronavirus symptoms, you could apply for work now if you are in a position to commence work after the 14 days isolation period has passed. Please ensure that you declare this throughout your application.