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  • "We are encouraged to be innovative and see improved ways of working."

Try something different - try technology and change

Technology and change is at the heart of change initiatives across the Council, working with a wide range of services including highways, adult and children’s social care, health, schools, adult education, libraries, highways, trading standards and countryside services, as well as working with partners in the public, private and voluntary sector. It incorporates our ICT, projects and change teams, working together to provide digital solutions, with a wide range of exciting career opportunities whatever your level of qualification or experience.​

The next five years will continue to witness significant changes across the whole of the public sector. But there will still be a need to provide high levels of service to our customers set against the backdrop of reduced budgets, citizens’ changing needs and changing expectations.

With these new challenges will come new opportunities - working with communities to develop innovative approaches to service delivery, innovative use of technology to generate efficiencies; more customer self-service and 'digital by default' services; exploring commercial opportunities to generate income; introducing alternative ways of delivering services and new ways of working.

If you have a 'can do' attitude, strong interpersonal skills, a performance focus, ability to influence key stakeholders and take them with you, have experience of being involved in change projects to a variety of stakeholders’ matched with creativity, passion and resilience then we look forward to receiving your application for posts in one of our teams.

Being 'digital by default' enables greater flexibility around where you choose to work from and means that working from home or remote working from another office is one of the major benefits to working for the council. This connectivity can ensure that in extreme weather conditions people can safely work from home instead of risking a treacherous journey.

Northallerton also has great connectivity through the road and rail networks, being close to the A1 but also on the main north / south train line. Technology and change is based at County Hall, which is two minutes' walk from the train station and makes the daily commute much less stressful!

If you live a bit further afield and the commute would be an issue then the options to work from home two or three days a week could be considered, depending on service needs. Due to the digital nature of the functions that T&C perform, many people enjoy the benefits that this flexibility affords.

You can read about some of the teams within technology and change and the work they do below:

Projects and change services

The teams in projects and change services are responsible for working with all North Yorkshire County Council services to identify, define and plan changes to deliver service improvements and cashable savings. This includes developing innovative approaches to service delivery, innovative use of technology to generate efficiencies; more customer self-service and 'digital by default' services; exploring commercial opportunities to generate income; introducing alternative ways of delivering services and new ways of working.

Project and change teams work with a range of internal and external stakeholders, including senior managers and staff across the council and partner organisations to ensure the successful delivery of programmes and projects.

Teams in projects and change services include:

  • Projects and programmes - planning and implementation of projects and programmes, using appropriate methodologies, including PRINCE2 and agile, ensuring that they are delivered on time and within budget - working closely with project sponsors, project boards and senior service area managers.
  • Business change - provision of business analysis, requirements definition, organisational design, business process improvement and UX design services working closely with service experts across the council. 
  • Portfolio management office - supports organisational decision making to ensure that we invest in the ‘right’ projects and programmes and provides the organisation with oversight of the entire change portfolio ensuring regular reviews in terms of progress, costs, risks and benefits.

Technology services

Technology services are responsible for the delivery and support of professional services that facilitate the use of technology which underpins all the council’s services and some of its partner’s services. The current customer base is approximately 7,000 council staff.

There is a strong commitment to ITIL aligned best practice and a focus on continual service improvement to ensure that customers can deliver robust, reliable services. The team also works with regional and national partnerships on shared technology infrastructure and services.

Technology services also implements a range of technical ICT solutions and business improvement projects some of which are complex in nature.

Teams in technology services include:

  • Service centre - provision of key service management functions and processes for T&C based on ITIL framework.
  • Corporate systems - the central support and development of the council’s key line of business applications including adult and children’s social care, education and case management systems.
  • Unified communications and security - supporting a wide area computer network of 170 sites with data, voice and video communications.
  • End user computing - central management of an estate of over 6,000 tablets, laptops, PCs, thin clients and virtual PCs.
  • Core infrastructure and applications - management and operation of the council’s datacentres, core systems and IT disaster recovery capability.

Technology solutions

Technology solutions are responsible for taking the councils new and changing service requirements and creating technical solutions that provide their outcomes.

There is a strong emphasis on creating digital services that both improve customer experience and create efficiencies within the organisation. As well as building new services we are involved in maximising the use of data across the authority including its security, governance and analysis.

There is a strong commitment to compliance regimes including ITIL, ISO 27001 and architecture principles which guide all new development work to ensure the integrity of the councils Infrastructure.

Technology solutions works with all areas of the council to support business improvement projects that vary in scale and complexity.

Teams in technology solutions include:

  • Business partners - provide the link between the business and T&C ensuring that we understand the current and future requirements of service areas.
  • Enterprise architecture - sets the principles that all infrastructure and development adheres to and monitors all new work.
  • Solutions team - work with the business on new projects to create technical solutions that deliver the required outcomes.
  • Development team - develop secure and reliable software and integration solutions to meet the business needs, with an emphasis on digital online delivery.
  • Data governance - oversee the use of information as an asset across the organisation and support services in meeting compliance requirements and data quality targets.
  • Data intelligence - automate the production of service reports ensuring data is readily available to the business and using data science techniques provide further analysis.
  • Security - lead on the technical security of the infrastructure ensuring that it has technical and procedural measures in place to maintain the councils security posture.

Why work for us?

T&C is an exciting, innovative and friendly service to work for with staff committed to supporting services across the council to deliver the best possible outcomes to our local residents.

Our staff are structured into teams providing centres of excellence for the council on key activities including: programme and project management, change management, solutions analysis, coding, security, information assurance, technical architecture, business intelligence, data governance and systems administration.

Find out what our staff have to say about working for North Yorkshire County Council in the following video:

Recently the council’s contact resolution centre also moved into T&C providing further opportunities to push forward with our digital agenda ensuring self-help and automation wherever possible for accessing and delivering council services.

We have recently expanded our commercial activities, helping to generate additional income for the council and building on our very successful schools ICT commercial service which has been providing services to schools for over 25 years. 

We are fully committed to developing our staff and offer graduate and apprentice opportunities as well as providing training and development as they progress in their career. We are developing career pathways across our service to enable staff to move sideways and upwards as they develop. We positively encourage flexible working and provide staff with the technology they need to work from a wide variety of locations and from home.

This is an exciting opportunity to join an ambitious team during a time of considerable change, and contribute to the challenges and opportunities that exist, both present and future.

If you would like to play a key part in delivering this ambition then we would like to hear from you.

Robert Ling 2 WEB.jpg

Robert Ling, Assistant Director - T&C

North Yorkshire really is a stunning, vibrant county with safe communities and excellent education. Over the past two years the new national crime figures have revealed North Yorkshire to be the safest place in England. It is rich in heritage and culture, in a back drop of outstanding natural beauty, vibrant cities, market towns, quaint villages, stunning rural and coast landscapes. We can also boast having three towns in the top ten of the UK halifax quality of life survey

If you are considering relocating to North Yorkshire we provide a comprehensive  relocation benefits package (pdf / 180 KB) (subject to eligibility) and as a whole North Yorkshire offers some great employment opportunities for your family members along with a substantial number of good to outstanding performing schools. A simply stunning location to live and work, we really do have it all!

The county benefits from excellent road and rail links, with easy access via the east coast mainline, the A1(M) and A19. Leeds, York, Newcastle, Durham and Teesside are all easily commutable, and London just two hours away by train. North Yorkshire borders the Lake District, Lancashire, County Durham, and Yorkshire & Humber regions with all they have to offer.

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