Carers strategy engagement

We are currently working with our partners to develop a new carers strategy, to be launched in 2017.

It will be an all-ages strategy, aimed at supporting carers to both continue caring and to have a life of their own.

We have been working with carers to design a draft strategy and are continuing to work together with individuals, groups and organisations to find out what's working, what needs to change and how we can do that in partnership. We have done this through a 'one question' postcard (available through libraries and carers centres), meeting with carers groups across the county and through an online form.

As a result of the conversations we have had so far, we have worked with carers and carers organisations to produce a number of key themes that we are proposing to base the draft strategy on:

  • Identifying carers;
  • Information and advice;
  • Giving carers a break;
  • Carer wellbeing;
  • Finances; and
  • Diversity between different types of carers, such as young carers, young adult carers, parent carers of a child with a disability, working age carers, older carers, 'sandwich' carers, carers who are part of cultures which affect their caring role etc.

In support of these themes, we have produced the following two documents:

We will continue speaking with carers as we develop the full draft strategy over the coming months. The draft strategy will be made widely available once it has been finalised. There will then be a period of formal consultation so that carers can let us know what they think of the draft and if there are any ways we can improve it.

If you want further information about the development of the new carers or have any questions, please contact