Changes to services during coronavirus (covid-19)

See an overview of how our services will change while North Yorkshire is following the government's Covid roadmap.

Births, deaths and marriages

Some restrictions are in place for weddings, civil partnership ceremonies and funerals, find more information on our changes to births, deaths and marriages page.

Library and record office services

Libraries are open and our home library and supermobile library services are running as normal. 

The record office is open with some restrictions in place.

Find more information on our changes to library and record office services page. 

Schools and children's services

All primary and secondary school pupils have returned to face-to-face teaching.

Find more information on our changes to schools and children's services page. 

Adult social care

All care homes should allow every resident to name two people who can come for a regular indoor visit.

You can find out more on our visiting care homes during coronavirus page.

You can find information on our changes to adult social care page.

Transport and highways

You can find information on other changes to public transport and public rights of way on our changes to transport and highways page. 

Public Health services

Find out more on our changes to public health services page.