Checking your body's most important systems are all running smoothly is a great place to start.

Ask your GP practice if you are eligible for a free NHS Health Check.

How healthy is your heart?

Use this tool to find out if your heart age is higher or lower than your actual age.

Check your heart age

Anyone over 30 can use the tool, even if you don't know your blood pressure and cholesterol. However, without these numbers, your result will be an estimate and we recommend you get tested to get an accurate result.

Weight management

District and borough council programmes support overweight and obese adults to lose weight and sustain their weight loss. The free programmes are tailored to the needs of participants and are delivered in a supportive environment, once per week, over a 12-week period.

Residents can be referred to the programme through a GP or primary care nurse, with the addition of a self-referral option in some districts. The programme offers information and advice on nutrition and includes a physical activity element, with a strong focus on behaviour change towards improving the lifestyle of the participant.

If you would like more information on the programme in your area, please use the contacts details below.

Craven's Lifestyle Weight Management programme
Tel: 01756 792805

Hambleton's Take That Step programme
Tel: 01609 767241

Harrogate's Fit 4 Life programme
Tel: 01423 500600 ext. 58382

Richmondshire's Step by Step programme
Tel: 01748 901045

Scarborough and Ryedale's Change Point programme
Tel: 01642 447720

Selby's Move It Lose It programme
Tel: 01942 488481

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