Chlamydia is the most common sexually transmitted infection in the UK, but it can go un-noticed without testing as there are often no signs.

Chlamydia can cause long-term damage to your health if it is untreated, such as infertility (being unable to get pregnant). It is also linked to ectopic pregnancy (a serious problem when a pregnancy develops outside of the womb), miscarriage and long-term pelvic pain in women.

More information on chlamydia can be found on the YorSexual Health website.

Getting tested for chlamydia

The test for chlamydia is very simple and you will not need to be examined. You can either urinate in a pot or women can use a self-taken vaginal swab. All tests are free.

If you live in North Yorkshire you are eligible to receive a free postal kit to be tested via the YorSexual Health virtual testing service. More information about the virtual testing service can be found here.

Additional information from NHS Choices

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