The common assessment framework is a way of working out what extra support a child may need and how best to provide it.

Children, young people and families experience a range of needs at different times in their lives.

The framework means that children, young people and families only have to tell their story once and have one main point of contact.

The framework is used when:

  • A professional is worried about how well a child or young person is progressing. For example, they may have concerns about their health, development, welfare, behaviour or progress in learning;
  • A child or young person, or their parent or carer, raises a concern with a professional; or
  • A child's or young person's needs are unclear, or are broader than an individual service can address.

The framework assessment is a voluntary process and a professional must get consent from the child or young person and/or their parent or carer before doing it. The assessment form records what is going well for the family, what extra support may be needed and which professionals are best placed to support them. The information is used to develop an action plan which is agreed with the family.

If you feel you need support, please contact the customer service centre. You can also get more information from the Department for Education website and these leaflets:

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