Alarms help people who are vulnerable due to age, ill health or disability to call for help in an emergency 24 hours a day.

The alarm system is often called a lifeline. You can use it to contact a call centre which will respond quickly to ask what help you need. They will be able to act on your behalf, which might involve calling an ambulance or alerting a family member.

An alarm service is often combined with telecare to provide further support, enabling a vulnerable person to remain in their own home.

Applying for community alarm services

If you think you might benefit from an alarm service, you should contact us. If we can help you, your needs will have to be assessed so we can provide the right type of care and support.

Charges you may have to pay for social care services in the community

You will have to pay for some social care services in the community but others may be free or at a reduced level, depending on your financial circumstances.

The amount you have to pay is determined through a financial assessment.

Visit your local district or borough council for this service

If you would just like an alarm service without any other assessment, they can be provided by your district or borough council or housing association. Some charities and other private providers also provide this service. For more information, select a link below to be taken to your district council.